I cant help but be amused at the sentiments people have with the new rule. The times of India featured an article today, flaring sentiments from far and sundry. More than the news, the comments made me sit back and think.

The issue here: Automatic immigration into UK of non EU temporary visa holders is stopped.
The expressed cause: UK needs to protect the interests of its citizens.

Then why only non EU countries?
Because of some sort of free trade agreement between EU countries that is supposed to allow movement of people. So UK is not obligated to allow people from non EU countries to work.
Then why not stop immigration altogether?
Some good people do enter UK, and the Cameron government cannot do away with such talent. So the government is devising policies that would filter out the ones they dont need (and they are right in doing so).

Why do people want to enter UK?
For skilled workers: better opportunities and lifestyle
For unskilled workers: same.

The sentiments that can be seen in the comments:

– The people who are out want to enter for reasons mentioned above.
– The people who are already in the circle want to keep others out. The foreigners have  a tendency to work on low wages and disrupt the economy and culture of the country. Where is the free market economics? For people who are ethnically non British, constant inflow of labour would only mean difficulty in maintaining their identity.

But the fact is:

The ones who could enter UK earlier were lucky.
The ones who want to enter want to try their luck.

This goes on everywhere.

The is a constant debacle between the haves and the have nots. A mutual hatred can be seen everywhere. We can see it in Maharashtra, in the eastern borders of India, in US, Australia or even UK. There is no end to it, nor a solution in place, unless there are ample opportunities for everyone.