In a not so surprising turn of events, a number of my colleagues could not reach office on time. The reason, as I found out later was that a major road blockage on EM Bypass caused the unnecessary harassment of the commuters. As the cause unveiled, it was shocking and sobering at the same time. An accident between two trucks caused major causalities, and it appears that a major hospital had refused to admit the victims, flaring a wave of destruction and carnage.

I don’t believe that a hospital could refuse to admit accident victims, as it is mandated by law, and the age old law requiring police intervention is now scrapped. Any hospital intending to do business in India needs to take care of such casualties, even if they choose to ignore the ethics angle. That apart, there was serious vandalism in the form of breaking whatever came in the way of the people who targeted the hospital infrastructure, staff and even resorted to destroying vehicles on the road. Who are these maniacs? Badly sick bandits who are frustrated by the current scheme of events? They are definitely not relatives of the victims, for their focus would have been to get medical care, rather than break the system that can heal the affected. Interestingly, there has been no comment from the hospital in this regard; is it the fear of the locals or lack of trust in the administration and judiciary?

Talking about judiciary, I came across another event that shows the mockery of the enforcement of law. Kangaroo courts, locally known as khap panchayats of Haryana have claimed that they have no regard for the Indian constitution, and that they would do whatever pleases them, and hence they have the right to serve justice the way they want. It appears that these have asked for an amendment in the constitution regarding some marriage laws. Are they trying to extend their arms?

One thing is common in both the cases: the people have taken the law in their hands, and with utter disregard of the constitution. Democracy does not allow people to make their own laws and implement them. Yet as it turns out, there are people who have no faith in the existing system and know that whatever they do, they would come out unscathed. Because in india, if one has enough monetary and political power, the judiciary does nothing.

It won’t be long before the ‘jungle law’ will prevail in this country. We already have a Maoist empire within.

It’s sad that we see law and order collapsing in this country.

Kolkata vandalism
Kangaroo courts