We have seen umpteen reality shows on TV, but nothing beats the profanity of EA. If you suspect your partner’s loyalty, you can ask bindaas TV to entice them to do something that would expose them to the entire world, while you sit back and sob at your lost love and have a flurry of questions hurled at you of the ‘how do you feel’ nature.

I have watched glimpses of EA with different stories, but I haven’t ever seen the subject (mostly the guy) come out unscathed. Does that mean that one approaches Bindaas to feel dejected? Isnt there any so called ‘loyal’ partner? But a loyal partner will not generate the interest that an infidel would.

I feel that EA is possibly used by the suspecting partner to showcase herself on TV for free, while playing the victim card either to generate interest in the prospectives or to get a kick upon being a face on TV.

That takes me to the so called soaps on popular television, which are the true embodiments of emotional atyachar. Given the already existing surreal story line, it would be interesting to merge an EA concept in the soap.

EA seems to have risen the popularity charts. So guys beware! Your partner could be getting at you via EA.