“Man, my girlfriend is looking hotter than JLo these days”, remarks a guy on FM. The other guy seconds “Mine is looking hotter than Bips”. The third guy quipps, “And mine hotter than Bebo”.

( Female laughter in background)

“Now every woman can look like a diva, by wearing Reebok easy tone shoes, which contain balance pods, that tone butt and leg muscles for a perfect, bootylicious behind”

This ad shocked me, as I had never seen such a blatant expression of the need to look curvy (reminds me of a fair and lovely ad). This ad is based on the assumption that every woman (and her men) wants a sexy behind. And the new pair of shoes could meet the requirement. And a win-win situation for all: woman, man and Reebok!

Now it made me wonder how a pair of shoes could do so much. A glance on their website explains the secret. Walking EasyTone shoes is like walking on sand. Balance pods underneath the heel and forefoot are the secret. These balance pods create a slight instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and encourages toning. And the result: more workout on the Gluteus maximus muscle and this muscle is responsible for the shape.

Now how walking with uncomfortable shoes cause more workout of the a** muscle, isn’t something I could understand. But if I accept the research that has gone behind designing the shoe, I would propose wearing any tough shoe (I suggest woodlands) and walking on Mumbai roads. It would go a long way in toning every muscle, bone and ligament, not to mention your brain. 15 minutes are enough for the goal of getting hot (and sweaty as well)

Its sad to realize that men have been excluded in this party of uncomfortable shoes. Perhaps they do not require the bootylicious behind, or may be no one looks at them. Probably they already have bad shoes, and have always had to walk uncomfortably!

So, tomorrow if you find someone stylish of the female species walking uncomfortably, looking stressed and as if ready to kick you; do not get repulsive; she is only toning her Gluteus maximus.