I had heard the adage “Man proposes, God disposes”. He is omnipresent, and makes sure things do not happen when planned, and happen unplanned. And that’s why you know it will rain in Mumbai when you don’t carry an umbrella.

My life has gone through some of my plans that failed to materialize, given the unplanned nature of my work. And this is affected directly because of the fact that my client doesn’t recognize planning as an integral part of the business culture, and prefers go-getting when the time is ripe. Okay, Toyota says that Just-in-time philosophy is the best way to cut costs, but do they also ask you to use JIT as a ruse for laziness? For instance, they know that a part is critical, inexpensive, and required unpredictably. Yet the just-in-time principle is followed, and only one unit is purchased at a time, (address the problem at hand), with due disregard to the future prospects.

“Kal kya hoga, kisko khabar” seems to the philosophy at the operations level in such companies. And since the future is unknown, why waste time and energy to plan?

In the absence of any planning, I am left in despair, to think about the happenings in my life. I was stuck in Ahmedabad for the weekend, when I thought I would have left this place for good. And I spent my 3 days doing nothing…wow, what a life!