lvoeaajkalIf you liked jab we met and hum tum, chances are you will like the Saif Ali starrer. We expected another entertaining setup like Jab we met, but nevertheless encountered a movie that compared love of yesteryears with today’s practical outlook.

The movie starts with a different kind of relationship between the lead pair, they belong to the modern era, and falling in love and marrying isn’t their cup of tea. They have some great time together in London, but their work takes a larger chunk of their priority pie, and hence they decide to call it a break up. Modern love even sees a celebration in the break-up, even though both are far from excited about being away from each other.

Modern communications play their roles, the hearts grow fonder. A parallel plot sets in with a Saif of yesteryears trying to win over his sweetheart, even while she cant protest against her parents wishes. Some hindi movie drama, and both the plots have a happy ending.

I found it a decent movie, even though there were elements in the partially filled hall who found it overly funny. Their hysterical laughter was more of a putoff!

Overall, it’s a decent movie of the Jab we met category! At least it made me feel I was doing something worthwhile at Ahmedabad!