I happened to watch the newest comedy, whose name was inappropriately named so. When I heard of the name, I felt I was being invited to view and appreciate a new work of architecture in some residential buildings of Ahmedabad. But a bit of Googling enlightened me that it is Kay Kay Menon’s newest flick.

The movie is fast, and a mad rush of money running into crores. It changes hands at every moment, and is in the form of 1000 Rupee notes. These notes travel places, from an office to a builder’s bathroom, to a shady lodge, finally getting lost (may be for a good cause) in heaps of trash.

When the movie started with chunky pandey in the role of an actor drowning in his career, who ultimately loses his life for not being able to return the money he had taken from a Dada. It did not take me long to realize that it would be a comedy of errors. Kay Kay Menon entered the scene as a small time thief who got his hands on a merc and cash that belonged to the wrong person. And so the mad rush for money started, one set getting lost in the trash while the other being utilized in the business of a Hyundai dealership. Giving a romantic angle to the movie was Rimmi Sen, who did her bit of comedy as well.

If you are looking for two hours of wackiness, you would want to watch this braindead comedy. My take on this would be neutral, I neither liked, nor disliked the movie. Call it a dharm sankat?