When I saw the book ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napolean Hill, I wondered on the efficacy of the recommendation he provides. It had not impressed me then, and I had failed to comprehend the essence of his thought. Yet when it was brought right in front this morning, I got into some serious thinking.

My PM gave us a new food for thought yesterday: of the way our thought works when it comes to money. Most of us, by virtue of being brought up in middle class families learn that money is sin, and one must look for greater happiness in life. I would call it a fatalist thought at play, with little emphasis on endeavor. But the rich kids (those brought up in rich households) have a different thought process: they want to do more, make more money (and not necessarily in the wrong way). PM asked us if we had thought of any technique of garnering revenue in the past one month. And no was the answer from all of us. He concluded that we did not have the right to complain about the increment or the bonus. Period.

It got me thinking; I have faced a lot of situations where my money got lesser importance than the work involved. For instance, I had to complete a work for the client on a Sunday, so drove to office just so that I could do a better job. The client never got to know I took so much effort, but I was satisfied that I did. Now when I could claim the fuel expenses for making the trip, it felt like too much effort!! To me, the work done well was so important (I didn’t have to impress anyone) that I did it in my own expense.

I have known people who make sure their payments arrive complete and on time, irrespective of the work done. Somehow I cannot identify with such a thought.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything (or anybody) who makes sure I get all the money I deserve. I wish I had a google type situation where the employee doesn’t have to worry about anything other than work! (That’s the impression I had when I read ‘The google story’)

Unless we change our thought process, we will remain donkeys meant to slog!