I have seen forwards with wide picture, and wondered how could a camera take such a wide angle? Was it something to do with the camera lens, or something like a trick? It was the latter, that I soon found out. It is called the stitcher. This software came with my canon camera and gave me the idea that I could actually stitch multiple photographs seamlessly provided they had something to glue with. These are known as control points which determine the areas of the picture that are similar (or have a high correlation). Now that’s a lot of mathematics and statistics at play.

Look at the photographs below, and understand how they could actually be ‘stitched’.










The stitched output

The stitched output

A bit of research revealed that canon is not the most desirable software for seamless photograph, there is another software named ‘Hugin’ that can also do the trick. The pictures above were joined by the software. I think It does a decent job. I now intend to capture landscapes and stitch them together to have the desired effect. For that I need some time!!!