This morning on the way to office, my PM commented that our work leaves us with little of imagination, and so the right brain dies with time. he seemed to be disturbed by the fact that he doesn’t listen to music any more, and this 13 year stereo lies at home for want of repair. Whatever happened to his ear for music seems to have deafened into something irreversible. It made me wonder, what do we do to be more intuitive and less logical?
My work revolves around logical things. There are things to do, things to learn and things to map. And so the left brain is at its best during working hours. But do I make good use of the right brain? Do I feel things, imagine things or appreciate things in their totality? I think I do, but before I lose that, I need to do something.

But what is that something? It can be indulging in more creative pursuits, look for possibilities, believe in things, and do that the logical brain does not.

I got an interesting link; the website claims to identify if the viewer’s left or right brain functions predominantly. My perception came to the conclusion that it keeps switching between left and the right. How does yours work??