The dormant reading bug is out again. With rapid changes in my life, I had to force myself to concentrate on the seemingly more important aspects of life than reading. And the last weekend I was stuck between the want to read and the ability to skim through. My inability has been winning all through….untill I decided I needed a fiction to lubricate the reading machinery. And it worked!

I picked up Ken Follet’s The third twin. I am no literary critic, but the story and the style gripped me to the core. The story is about the side effects uncontrolled cloning. It was written in 1997, probably there was brouhaha about it. Events are mostly dated, for instance people don’t use mobile phones.

The story is about a researcher at the psychology department of a university analyzing the root cause of criminal behavior. And she compares twins who have been raised apart. And she stumbles upon some clues that lead to some horrific history, that had the potential to blow up a takeover deal. a typical thriller, but I loved it!

What’s more important is that I seem to have gotten back the ability to key down the contents of a blog post. Today I plan to pick up another one!