This time it’s a new project that amuses me till no end. These people are smarter in more aspects than one, and they want things to be done the Indian way; irrespective of how horrendous it might be.

Every implementation has gaps. But in this case, there are more gaps than islands. So SAP appears to be just about ineffective in solving their problems. For instance, there is a difference between what they want and what they want to show they want. As one instance goes, they want to use a material irrespective of quality problems, but want to show that they have quality processes in place. So when a material has some quality problems, it needs to be marked as such, so that it may be used to renegotiate prices with the vendor. But the problem should not stop consumption of the material. So while on one hand, they want to show there are quality problems (to the vendor), yet wouldn’t mind using it for their production (call it quality control!)

Everything boils down to cost. Every implementation worth its name has a time frame which needs to be adhered. Yet this client feels they can take indefinite period of time to complete the job, since the contract does not involve duration. If it is so, its time to audit the BD team.!

The business practices have gone haywire, and they want such things to be tracked in SAP. It often comes to the brink of legal boundaries, and they expect such activities to be mapped as well. They do not know or care about best practices, for what they do is best.

There is an ongoing confusion between change management and gap. If SAP cannot let them do things their way, it is a gap and not a change management. Why should we change?

The fact that the company makes huge margins obviates any changes. So why do they need the ERP for? So that they can tell their customers their company runs on SAP..for the first time I have the cognizance of its brand value!