It was really shocking to see the mindset of the self appointed guardians of the society calling on themselves to chastise the society by means of physical abuse. Even more shocking is the way the faction uses the name of God to validate their vagaries.The recent Mangalore mayhem reflects a society torn between the rustic and conservative past and a raring to go present. While the presence of a pub in a place like Mangalore tells that even smaller towns are not left behind, the students find themselves looking for ways to express themselves, enjoying every bit of modern life. The debate between should have or should not have pubs will never end, even though junior Bachchan gives a different idea of democracy. But what’s important is that is it the right way to validate their viewpoint, in the name of God? It is evident that the incident was deliberately caused so that the political party can get some cognizance. And it has worked. There have been millions of google hits searching for the Ram Sena. Even historians might not have researched so much.

That’s it! They got media attention, and if democracy permits, will get a few votes as well. It doesn’t matter that the attacks are grossly illegal, the ideologies staunch and overbearing, but it gives them the right to cause the mayhem and destruction, akin to MNS’s attacks against North Indians in Maharashtra. Has it opened a new way to make a party’s presence felt, because the judiciary is ineffective to punish the offenders? Or is it that being behind the bars is a way of life, and only adds to the popularity?

The general elections are close, and the country’s educated lot normally doesn’t care to vote. The world’s biggest democracy is just making a mockery of the very ideology on which the constitution has been established!