The prospect of travel has thrilled me ever since I remember. If you know me, you know my passion for travel, under all circumstances. Travel gives me a kick, since it adds new experiences, it thrills me to no end, and it gives me stories to write (or blog about). And team-bhp only adds to my zeal.A sponsored travel is always welcome, even if it is in this obscure place of Bharuch. It does not matter much where or how I stay, as long as it is in transition and I do not have to bear with it for long. And I always wanted to have an all India trip by road (with self and a few co-drivers), which appears practical every passing day. As a preparatory measure, I need to get a feel of driving long. Sadly, that hasn’t happened much recently, thanks to my deciding to move to Mumbai leaving my car back home  😦

While browsing through the travelogues in team-bhp forum, I came across a very interesting link. This guy asks you to invite him to your place, so that everyone can have some adventure, and be happy about it. But the question that pops up is: in this day of evil (read: terrorism) playing mockery of the administrative system, can we get as philanthropic as we would like to believe? Probably not.

Over the next extended weekend, if I manage to get a car, I intend to drive down to Pune taking the expressway. Hope to have a rocking weekend!