High doses of energy have permeated into my cells, making me zealous of the most tortuous of activities. While Bharuch has lost its charm (inspite of the allowance that accompanies the trip), it gives me a new perspective of things; do things in my own manner, and do whatever I want without instructions from anybody.

This morning I took the Shatabdi to reach Bharuch on time, but there was no vehicle to pick us up. The ordeal of wait lasted for over an hour before an Indica took us to the familiar environs of the factory. It is my sixth visit, and I am quite at ease. Long hours of complicated explanations later, I now have the time to get online, check my emails and blog.

What was it that gave me the newfound energy? Was it the weekend break or was it something else? Irrespectiveof what it is, I am planning to have some good chicken tonight in the company of my chicken partners!