A strange kind of sadness has enveloped me recently. However I might try to attribute the reasons of my sadness to others, the reason is within me. And I am the one who can rectify things.

The reason: unabated work that has engulfed my life and but me in the middle of doldrums, while I try to make sense of where I am going. When I meet my friends so contented with life, yet going forward, I am left with utter amazement. What is it that I lack? What is it that will spring me back to life?

The work is hectic as usual, but the more difficult part is that I feel too tired to do anything else.
Today was Makar Sankranti, and there was nothing that could notify me about it. The first thing I got to know is that the factory in Gujarat was closed, and so there would be no problems today. Good news, but the Mumbai office wouldn’t spare me.

One solution I got was to indulge in some retail therapy (like I had done sometime back, check this post), and I found a good pair of Woodlands at the store at Linking Road, Bandra. Somehow it gave me a kind of happiness I had felt when I was a kid. Does the kid live still? You bet it does.