I came across this term while reading Paulo Coehlo‘s classic ‘The alchemist‘ This book has popular because of the famous ideology: that when one wants something strongly enough, the universe conspires to fulfill it. Much has been discussed (and expressed in Bollywood) on this topic, my thought is on the concept of maktub, which means ‘It is written’.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last weekend, and found an interesting connection between its theme and the ideology in the book. The Hollywood movie is about a lad brought up in a slum, was ‘Born to lose, destined to win’. He happened to know the answers to every question thrown at him. He did not know them by reading tomes of GK, but by being at the ‘right place at the right time’. He would

 probably not have known the answers if something else would have been asked. There is a small probability of everything, however small it might be. Taking a day to day example, I might leave 5 minutes late for office, but if my bus is also late, it is destiny.

We get closer to our destiny every moment. The fact that I am trying to understand the concept of destiny is also ‘written’. The hindu mythology talks about ‘bhagya’ and that the palm and forehead lines can trace

abstract-screen-saver-1079the path of life. We human beings are always curious about (and fearful of) the future and so astrology is a thriving business! We look at the planetary aspects for ‘muhurat’ before starting anything big, often to the extent of being exceedingly maniacal. Discounting such aspects is a matter of one’s belief, because there is no control scenario (what would have happened if I did not do that). We take decisions every waking moment (and sometimes while sleeping as well)and the effects of our decisions change lives. There is not turning back.

The book talks about the omens and the inner calling, and one should not ignore them. One gets to know the future because God wants us to change it. I liked this concept, since it talks about endeavoring to control situations, rather than letting things happen their own way.

I am reading the book for the second time; I will also watch the movie again. Because this is a concept that has thrilled me a lot!