As evident from my recent posts, my life is in a state that one might call speedy. There is hardly any time to breathe, to wander, and to look at the pleasurable aspects of the God gifted life.

Today was one that told me that the much awaited go live is expected on Monday, and so I need to make a beeline to the rustic lands on Sunday afternoon, citing reasons of unavailability of tickets. And flight being out of question for the client (even the VP travels by train, you see), the only option left for us was the train they had booked already. Our idea of driving some 350km only got a nod of disapproval.

I have been yearning for a long drive since long. I feel it’s a kind of food for my mind. The kick of a long drive can only be felt by someone who loves such adventures. Most people won’t understand the thrill, and so it’s extremely important that my partner has the same kind of adrenalin that I do.

I find solace in the cyber world, and team-bhp comes to rescue. My favorite section is the one on travelogues; and it gives me the kick and a feeling of ‘being there’. Unfortunately neither do I have the time nor the resources to do things myself, so such descriptions take me to another world.

What prevents me from experiencing such pleasures that I highly value? A couple of years back; it might have been the money factor. It’s no longer the case now, but the situation is that I don’t have the company, time or even the car. That’s the kind of sacrifice I had prepared to make when I decided to quit my previous job for something better. Looking at my situation a year back, I feel I am much better off today. But I still miss some things…

Tomorrow is a holiday, and the thought itself gives me a kind of excitement. I feel like someone who hasn’t been out of jail for months. The happiness would be ephemeral, Sunday would take me back to Gujarat!

Is this the kind of life I asked for? Sometimes I feel that being busy with work takes away the burden of thinking about the more trivial aspects of life, but what about the things those are important? I am in a situation where my capability to judge the good and bad has eroded. Isn’t it the situation where they say as a ‘high time’ for a break?

Some of the team-bhp posts I get thrilled about: