My lovely car is lying back home, and I am unable to use it. the sadder part is that I had to leave it before it was even a year with me. My Dad says that the car needs to run, and so he makes sure that it runs a couple of km daily. Though its not fuel efficient to do so, but at least there is some oil circulation that keeps it running.

Mapping the car story on the human body, it also needs exercise and some blood circulation to keep fit. So taking advantage of the good weather out here (finally) and my place of stay, I decided to jog to Juhu. It felt effortless to run all the way from Santacruz via linking road and Juhu Road. I didn’t plan to hit the beach, but when I did, I found at least 5000 people scattered and enjoying the Sunday morning. Most of them were playing cricket; and I found some badminton and football players as well. The oldies were having a gala time walking or jogging, some were found splashing salty water.

The therapeutic effects of running (or jogging) is very well known. As with the car, it gives the much needed blood circulation, it helps in reducing fat, and most importantly, it keeps you happy!! I wish I could go everyday.

Overall, my total jog time of 42 minutes gave me my well deserved hunger. And while I finish my breakfast to rush for my office, I am keying this blog.