It’s good to have an unexpected holiday. But not always. Post 9/11, its Mumbai’s sad day today; or rather yesterday. Last night I was disturbed by calls and decided to switch off my mobile without accepting any of them. And I was enlightened by the news on TV this morning: that terror attacks have actually cast a black mark in the history.

It was good to find people caring about me, and I was inundated with calls as I switch on my mobile. But the fact remained that the city that never sleeps was made to come to a standstill by militants who had the audacity to commit such a horrendous crime. This one is an epitome of organized crime.

In recent times, the lull of recession has not yet seeped into the lives of the public. To add to the trouble, we now have terrorism blankly staring at us. In recent times such attacks have become more and more blatant and vengeful. No longer do we find the out of work individuals contributing to the mayhem, but it’s from the elite section of the society planning out the gory details.

India is on the global map for the wrong reasons. And so is Pakistan, since we now know that the motor vehicle used came from Karachi. Even though the PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani has condemned the attack like his world counterparts, unquestionably it is a blow to his image, since he has not been able to stop the breeding of terrorism, which often happens at the primary level, the madarsas. This institution of Islamic education are known to inspire the youth towards terrorism, and they are made to believe that deliverance lies in dying for Allah. The sane world knows that no God will ever accept such inhuman acts. But what to do when the minds are filled with hatred?

From the point of view of the budding militants, they are doing whats right. And no amount of logical reasoning helps. That’s the power of human mind that has as much ability to cause mayhem, as much to work for the good of the society. The governments must focus on the roots of such militancy, or it wont be long when the world comes to an end!!

I’ve been sitting at home all day watching the mind game at Nariman point. For me it was a holiday to finish up some of my pending tasks, but I am not really complaining!!