Pangs of hunger attack every normal human, and having the right lunch at the right time makes sure you are hungry by the time it’s the time for the day to end. My recent long hours in office is making sure I get the attacks every working day. And there is no easy solution!

My office is at Worli, and to counter the evening pangs, I have considered all available (and practical) options. But none of them is sustainable over the long term. To add to the troubles, wading through the traffic on Annie Besant Road is no easy task. And you have to minimize the time lost.
So what options are available for the hungry me? A casual look at the canteen tells that it is closed for the day (they have strict business hours, the doors close dot at 1635). Venturing out on the road, there is a stall selling delicacies by the names of ragada pattice, ragada puri, pani puri and the like. I have tried it a couple of times, but somehow it ends up giving me an uneasy feeling, something with the oil? Going forward, there is a woman selling bananas (now that’s instant energy, but how long that energy will last is anybody’s guess). Towards the ICICI bank, there is the most popular chai wala, the dosa wala, vada pao stall and (of course) the sandwich. I have tried all of them, but none of them seems to be interesting. Crossing the road takes me to the restaurant Panchamruth, which has transformed itself into a takeaway one. Having an establishment gives it the liability to charge a VAT for the value added, which it feels free to pass on to the customers. One quick look at the menu will tell you that they serve all south Indian dishes and everything that is available around. The quality seems to be better than the others!

Moving to the other side Annie Besant Road, there is another sandwich wala, daab wala, fruits wala and the like. There are a couple of udipis as well, plus the regular pav bhaji and the like. That would get too heavy for the snack, but worth the consideration. More sandwiches on the way, bhutta, and again more fried vada and samosas with pav.

Health conscious that I am, I try to avoid the high calorie materials, and often settle for a sandwich, a fruit plate or in the worst case, a biscuit. Docs say that this evening snack can go a long way in adding to one’s tyres. I try to stick to the better options, par control nahi hota!