“Don’t jinx it by talking about it”, is an oft heard statement. A lot of people believe in it; the cat comes out of the bag only when the time is ripe. But what if I show a glimpse of the cat which is struggling to come out of the bag…well, you end up in a jinx.

I never believed in such things till recently. That was because I never revealed anything before it actually happened. Moving to Mumbai has given me a new set of experiences. In my attempt to be more human (and humans socialize), I talked about good things that could happen to me…and unknowingly even asking for their good wishes. Yet whenever I revealed the possibility, invariably it would hit a stumbling block, or in common parlance, get jinxed.

I can never blame the people I tell, because I believe they are my well wishers. Yet there is something that makes a jinx what it is..a misfortune that makes sure good things do not happen.

I will not reveal what made me think on these lines for want of privacy, but I have come to believe in its existence, since I can see a pattern of things ‘not happening’. By the grace of God, it isn’t misfortune, but the spurt of good fortune gets beaten down, bringing me back to where I was.

Call it jinx? I may start doing so. And so I will not let things out before the time is ripe. Life is all about learning, isn’t it?