Sometime back Neha made an interesting statement, “everyone seems ok as long as you dont have a stake in them”. She was referring to her predicament that required her to evaluate prospective grooms for herself. And so judgments changed from ‘How good that person is’ to ‘Is he good enough for me?’ i was left wondering, being in such an evaluation stage myself, isnt it that we start looking with e different filter when we realise we have a stake? And so choosing a partner requires a bigger evaluation than choosing a friend!

In the corporate world, we meet people, may even like  to spend some time with them. But when it comes to having that person as a boss or a subordinate, equations change drastically. They are no longer friends, but a boss / reportee in the guise of a friend. I have read of cases where a person, once promoted to be the boss of his erstwhile colleagues, starts feeling differently. T thought it was envy no the part of the left outs, but the real problem was because the flaws that were previously transparent, came to the surface. And because the boss’s performance depends on tat of his subordinates, stakes were different now!

When people seek advice, and there are too meany ready to give. But when it comes to ownership, it might not be the same. 

Its so nice to be a consultant without a stake in the client’s business!