It was a weekend worth mention. And like the other trips, this will be another memorable one. it came to my mind that I badly need a break to get over the already dragging project. I had planned it last week, but for circumstances beyond my control, it did not materialize. So in spite of the project manager’s insistence to stay back on Saturday, I went ahead with my plan.

On Saturday morning, I took a bus (I doubt if it was a Volvo), which after much delay left for Pune. It was stuck for over one and a half hours at Belapur for reaons yet unknown to me. The journey was otherwise uneventful, and I could reach GGR, but not before it was 2pm.

Anubhav joined the Guptas in the afternoon; I went to Parihar Chowk with him and met Sayali there. We planned, and then gave up the idea of visiting Singhgarh because it was too late, courtesy the Guptas. So we next planned a visit to Chandni Chowk and then Pancard (I wonder why on earth it should be name so, perhaps we will soon have a voter I card as well). Okay, we had dinner at Pancard and then went to ASR. It’s a truly amazing flat with lovely surroundings. Dems had to leave early for her office picnic on Sunday, and so she retired early. Even the other eyelids became subsequently heavy and they were soon fast asleep, leaving me chatting with mama on gtalk.

The Sunday morning was lovely with tea and the fresh weather. I had a lazy afternoon, and I had to get into the bus for my return

The best thing of this trip was the presence of well meaning friends, who were so happy to have me there. Anubhav and Sayali did their bit to find a suitable bride for me. But it was all reduced to banter. Being in Mumbai has given me the opportunity to be with my good pals whom I have known for over 10 years now. I am truly lucky to be a part of such a group.