We call it relaxation, they call it impunity. That’s what I felt when I was told by the old ‘six sigma’. Being used to a military regime where things had to happen by the process, there are people find it hard to give up their ‘ways’ of doing and find the young ones too bright for their eyes.

I knew I was an eyesore, for I believe in doing things my way. But it was quite shocking to be told how to have my tea. Today the geriatric of the canteen, whose job is to make sure things happen in the 24 by 30 hall, told me that it looked ‘bad’ when I picked up a cup of coffee and went out.

I found myself fuming, to the extent that I have decided not to visit the canteen again. Why should I bother? They have no facilities for the employees, the ones on the payroll and on contract are liabilities than assets; where performance is not cared for, why the hell should I care? I might as well get my own drink and take it wherever I want to…and let me see who dares to stop me!

That’s an MNC culture, where people are required to think. And when I try to think I need an uninterrupted atmosphere…these oldies don’t need to think, and so don’t need such places….

I have decided: I am never going to work for an Indian company!