I was watching the NDTV channel watching the interview of Meenakshi Reddy, the author of ‘You are here’ and it was interesting to find her starting off with blogging some 4 years ago. And the discipline of blogging morphed into a book. Sometimes I wonder, what is it that makes one blog regularly? I believe the primary motivation for blogging comes from the feedback one receives from the readers. What if one has just one reader, the author himself? It implies that he needs encouragement, and for that, some selling.

None of my friends blog regularly. In fact, they do not write anything on their own, except taking in bits and pieces of text and graphics from varied sources and putting them as a scrapbook. So where is the creativity? Making a scrapbook definitely requires a hell lot of creativity, but most people are too lazy to do even that unless required to do so for their work.

I think I have been blessed with ideas and words at the same time, and hence I keep blogging, but I don’t know what sells, and how to sell it, for my when I ask someone to read this, they do it and then forget about it. May be the content is not interesting enough (though I find most of the stuff interesting to myself). So the big question: what makes a blog interesting?

First, the genre should be tasteful to the palettes of the reader. While it is not possible to make it interesting for everybody, it can definitely entice a good mass. I know there are blogging communities and there are regular bloggers, but why doesn’t anyone want to read my blog. It could be that they don’t find it interesting enough, or perhaps they don’t like to read a lot of text! So what to do to make it interesting?

To do away with the perception of a lot of text, it would be good to include some pictures in the blog. But the real challenge is to make it interesting! Usage of humour can be a good way to ensure this. Another way is to write about the day to day activities and happenings….but who would be interested to know about what I do daily??

If you have read this till here, it means you have the patience to go through my blog. Any suggestions?? Please comment!!