Since childhood, I have learnt a simple formula for success: to manage money well by using some part of the monthly salary as expenses, and save the rest for the rainy day. This is a typical philosophy of a middle class household, and hence the household expenses need to be controlled, and hence often kept at a minimum.

I found my Dad looking at the prospect of making some money by means of an agency, and he decided to work as an UTI agent. Since he could not do it himself, by virtue of being employed already, my Mom was the registered agent. The additional income came as commissions from the investments made by the people he could rope in.

Some people frowned at the prospect of him making rounds of the society, while selling the idea of investment when awareness was poor. They even thought it to be a technique of siphoning money.

Some time back I was talking to a friend, who hardly cares about his salary from the company (which is substantial anyway), but uses his ‘other sources of income’ to meet his expenses. It was obvious that the other sources gave much more than the salary did.

So if other sources can give more than what one earns in a salary, why shouldn’t one look for these sources? The reason most people don’t do it, is because they want to take life easy, and are not ready to take the associated risks. For the secondary line of business has its own set of problems, and is a mini enterprise. In some conservative societies, making some additional money is even considered evil.

I believe that one should look at the other sources of income, since jobs security is a thing of the past. It makes sense to sharpen one’s skills with the objective of selling it in the market. It often happens that one has many skills, but is either unable to sell it, or there isn’t a lucrative market. I have also seen situations where the skill one has is so commoditized that the rates are too low for the efforts needed.

So from the individual’s point of view, one must look for developing skills that can be sold in the market, and make efforts to sell it. There are options for everybody, it is important to keep one’s eyes and ears open. It is important to make contacts, and use these contacts for one’s benefit!! One’s success is not dependent on the good work, but the way one can impress the people who can pull him upward. One needs to look for ways so that he can enter the tax return entering numbers over and above the form 16.