Sowmya’s birthday bash turned out to be one of the biggest get togethers since SVR days. He had planned a treat to the Puneri junta, and we (Lakab, Baba and me) joined them for the two day fiesta.

It was a sudden plan: the AKU emails only thrilled me into believing that I needed to go for the meet. And so I asked Lakab as well, who was more than willing. Punna couldn’t make it because of his office work.

We stayed at GGR, and I felt so comfortable at the house they had so lovingly maintained. The artifacts were at the right places, two rooms and a hall, with gentle breeze coming through the 6th floor balcony ..and I felt like heaven.

We went around to CCD, then to the restaurant named ‘Gandharv Palace’. There wasn’t a single board that displayed that name. thanks to non-veg, Telang was saved the choicest of abuses.

We went on with Lakab’s never ending stories of Mexico, the real estate situation in Pune, Annu’s unreachable home…We were actually unable to locate his home, thanks to the dug up roads.

It gave me a chance to meet some of my old friends: Vivek – Hemali, Anubhav – Sayali, Telang – Aditi, Soumya, Siddhish, Mrig – not to mention Lakab and Baba.

It was a weekend that cannot be put into words…it was a neet I wouldn’t forget too soon.