The iphone officially (and legally) saw the light today, with Vodafone and Airtel pursuing this fixed service provider product. It was expected for quite some time now, the bookings for the 3G machine ran into lakhs. Yet the prices are not commensurate with the aspirations of the general public. Priced at Rs 31900 and 36000 for the two models, it may be the most hyped phone till date, but is it worth that much.

The phone definitely has a snob value and will be used for that purpose.

What’s interesting is that its competitors have come up with models resembling the iphone.

Nokia N96, Samsung F480, LG Omnia look similar with features often surpassing the iphone. The best touch phone, HTC, also sports its new model smartphone which is as good as an HTC should be. These models are priced significantly below the i. we wouldn’t be surprised if we get a range of counterfeit Chinese models that look like the iphone in the market.

The cons: the battery replacement will have to be done at the dealer, you cannot switch service providers, and after sales service for apple products is very limited in India.

So will it appeal to us? It is not meant for the mass and probably even business users will not find it interesting.

Yet as Americans do, they market their products really well. And the ads are just great!!