It takes me to some of the mythological origins of Hindu philosophy: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer and Shiva the destroyer were the roles for life on this earth. Being a creator was considered a matter of prestige and I loved being the creator, an original thinker and a developer (not to be taken in the software context).

That’s why I was fascinated with engineering. To engineer is to create, to manufacture and to construct. This was the charm of engineering and I enjoyed learning things, though was mocked at for learning a science and not engineering. It didn’t matter what I learnt, but I had fun nevertheless.

I had the pride of being an engineer from a prestigious institute and loved myself for it. But with time, I was forced to appreciate some of the other aspects. The importance of Vishnu dawned on me when I found myself working for a maintenance project.

But off late, I have started looking at another aspect of productivity. It is ‘ensuring’. There are multiple ways to ensure things work. The project manager makes sure things happen on time. The junta might call the manger to doing nothing (most often than not, they actually do little), but keeping an eye in the direction of activities is also a task. So is quality assurance. They need to make sure that the output confirms to specifications.

In the accounting front, the accounts team needs to monitor the debits and the credits. They need to consolidate the two sides so as to give a clearer picture of the financial health of the company.

The bosses need to ensure things move, and they do it at the higher levels.

One’s career is not determined with what one does, but what one can ensure that things get done. The larger the ‘thing’ in dollar terms, greater the importance.

So one can be powerful if he can manage people and money….the larger the number, greater the power.