We indians love to create a hype. And we find happiness whenever there is a hype. Plausible or not, there are always reasons to celebrate. And so when India wins against Sri Lanka in test or one day cricket, we burst crackers, dance on the streets and stay glued to the TV to watch the winner taking the cup. Which means we Indians are such a happy lot! That’s something the world should cheer us for.

We Indians also go to the other extreme to rail against those who have not won. And so they are termed as failure. One may find effigies of those persons being burnt, beaten, or garlanded with shoes for betraying the nation. And so if one doesn’t win, they are considered as first class criminals. And they may not get any further opportunity, because we are a big nation with too many talents..opportunities should not be wasted. And the superstar of yore may soon be lost in oblivion.

Why such extreme sentiments? Because we Indians are emotional. We survive in spite of scarcity, and so it gets difficult for the general populace to forgive. The media does no good when it comes to such things. They compete against each other only to grab attention; often to the extent of misguiding the aam junta.

Bindra has created history by winning a gold medal in the individual category. He is sure to get a fair share of advertisements as well..but what next? Only time will tell.