There is more to it than just the extra ‘n’. The name that appeared funny seems to be out to make new records in the box office.

But why am I interested? That’s because there is a phenomenal hype with the movie and with the date on which the movie is released. The date is remarkable because it is the 8th day of the 8th year of the 8th month of the millennium. And I also happen to turn 28 on this very day; in short, its my birthday today.

Last evening I saw the TV talking about the numerologic view of this special day. They said that it will be a fateful day, though some people will manage to be lucky. I don’t know which side of the luck line I will fall, but I don’t care about it anyway.

Back to the movie: it seems to have caused some protests in Amritsar. Not that this was unexpected.

I don’t know the story. But the title and the trailers amused me. It is targeted at the turban sporting sardars, who have been subject of a genre of jokes. Though they don’t take it well, it doesn’t really go well in the open media. There was a Sunny Deol movie ‘Jo Bole so nihaal’ which was made probably with the same theme. It did not go well in the box office. Lets keep our fingers crossed! I am planning to watch it anyway