Surfing through the channels on my TV, I chanced upon the newest one on air. Colors has been launched on 22nd july, showing the flagship programme, “Khatron ke khiladi”. Akshay Kumar has been reported to charge Rs 1.5 crore per episode for the spectacular series. I watched it last Sunday morning, when they showed umpteen episodes together. I liked the philosophy of the khiladi, “say no to fear”.

He talks about working towards eliminating fear from our lives. It makes me wonder why do we have fear in the very first place. Fear is a weakness, and we all know that. Yet that is what we are brought up with. This comes from the very childhood. A toddler is taken away from sharp objects and told that it is dangerous. The complexity in the kid’s life grows and so does his list of things to be scared of. Some of it comes from the genes, and the rest is a result of upbringing.

Even the Hindu religion asks us to fear God. I had read the book “Conversation with God”, which talks about opposing forces: Love and Fear. Love is a positive feeling, and hence we must love God, not fear Him.

Fear is internal, but not necessarily real. Fear can be eliminated by being a part of the activity, by doing it. Risk is real, fear is not. When there is a probability of a downside, it becomes fear. We not scared of crossing the road. But for some, it can be a nightmare. We can say we are skillful in judging the timing of the oncoming vehicles, and hence fear can be obviated by developing the skill.

If you are scared of talking to a boss, do it multiple times. Scared of interviews, take a few to develop skills. Scared of driving? Make sure you drive every time you can. Its important to assess the risk associated, be ready to bear the risk, and take the plunge!