SAP has been known to be a wonderful system that captures all information you feed, reports it to you and makes sure data maintenance easy. yet all it does is take a few bits and pieces of data from a few places, and gives a presentable format…and voila, everybody is happy.

But this happiness may not last long. Customers getting more demanding than ever before, it will not be long before simple ERP systems will become passé. And for businesses in the ERP space to continue, it will be increasing important for companies to develop systems that are more intelligent. Things that can capture the human flaws, and make corrections easily.

For instance, a warning in an application will remind you that there is something you must take care. But in the real world, consultants and the end users are trained to ignore warnings, and work around with errors. Not many look at warnings in the spirit they are designed to be. It’s a different case with errors, since most of the time one needs to identify what’s wrong and make a fix.

The intelligent system, for instance could keep track of the time between a warning display and its overruling. At the end of the month, it could report that users are ignoring such warnings. The root cause needs to be investigated. Then, either the warning is removed or something needs to be done to fix the cause. That will make the system smoother than ever before. Or the system could judge that the time between delivery creation and the goods issue is too long, and hence something needs to be done.

There can be many such things that will make the system more enterprise friendly.

Basically SAP needs to get more into the human psychology while designing ERP systems. It won’t far when we would be dealing with super intelligent systems that can read your brain!!!