I chanced upon this article by Jug Suraiya in his Sunday feature ‘Jugular vein’ where he talks about the competence and the penchant to multitask among us Indians. Yes, we are a versatile lot, and love to do things in innovative ways and with minimum possible resources. Just the way that I am (back) in office after planning to go back to my abode and end my day in the bliss of some tasty self cooked food.

Getting into ways and means by which we tend to multitask, I am often compounded by the question, “do the mobile phone of the driver and the car need to go hand in hand?” It is not surprising to find people busy talking on the phone while crossing the road or driving the car, not to mention watching the movie in a theater. We Indians do have an inane ability to ask for more.

My 7th weekend was spent expecting something exciting which never happened. The incessant rains have started playing havoc with my life as well. Thank God I had managed to get something to eat in the morning, otherwise I would have to make do with biscuits, honey and some boiled rice. I was planning to visit Kandivli in the evening, but was simply unable to even visit a bookshop (which was on my priority list).

Today is the last day of June, and am expecting something called a salary. The last had been just right some 6 years ago, when I had bagged my first salary during my CSC days. Times have changed so much since then!!

A visit to Kolkata next weekend is in the offing, but I haven’t informed my boss about my intentions to enjoy additional 2 days without work!