With new challenges piling over me in terms of newer responsibilities, I find myself struggling for some fresh air; to spend some quality time when I can do something I like during leisure. But that doesn’t seem to happen and I am in a state of getting ‘cooked’ amidst QM.

Last evening I made up my mind to indulge in some tandoori chicken. I have seen lots of shops in Mahim and Bandra, and thought of giving it a try. Anyone who has crossed the lane from the station to SV Road on Bandra West in the evening cannot miss the aroma of chicken emanating from the little shops near the station. And so I went there to have a look….a half tandoori was being sold for only Rs 50! It made me wonder if they were selling chicken after all, but after relishing on it, it really did look like the remains of an erstwhile fowl. They were also selling drumsticks for Rs 5 a piece. I am sure that the latter definitely did not belong to chicken.

I got a half tandoori packed and it was yesterday’s dinner. Yummy!

To expand my knowledge, I enquired of the options available with them; they didn’t have a menu card but was told about chicken and mutton rolls, keema, parathas…and Bheja Fry. I could see some convoluted pieces looking like brains on a platter, but I never knew that Bheja Fry actually meant some food! For my vocabulary was limited to the movie and the fact that it is used often in ads. But actually having a brain fry? I shook with disbelief.

But my disbelief was nullified by the information on google that told me like the meat, that goat’s brains are also fried and made tasty my masalas; and it is a delicacy in its own right. I’ve never got a chance to try anything of that sort, nor do I know if I will try it. But the concept of bheja fry was intriguing enough!