I am averse of taking hasty decisions. And I end up taking good decisions, but they are good too late. So while I try to look at the pros and cons of a situation (and often end up more confused than I started with), it is usually quite late…and I regret not doing it. So my first learning (and experimenting) in Mumbai…take decisions fast.

And this couldnt have been faster. On saturday, while Guru had arrived only to comment that my dwelling looked gloomy, I couldnt have frowned, since it was my own decision. He had come over for a dinner (upon my invitation), but was probably not at ease in the environment where I brought him to. To add to the trouble, my old TV had conked off. The sound from the speaker was clear, but it was accompanied with hissing sounds from the picture tube. I felt there was a snake in the surrounding, but it came from the TV. Going by my knowledge of electronics, it was evident that the picture tube didnt like the high voltage being imposed. While I was wondering if the TV would burst, the picture had gone hazy enough to make the characters irreognizable.

And so I decided to invest some amount in asset procurement. I have managed to get some assets which are making life easier for me in the kitchen, but I did need something that could entertain me. Initially I thought of looking for a 15inch one, but experts suggested that I should go for a full sized one (Nivedita mentioned a big one, but had no idea that a full sized meant 21 inch).

Okay, so it was decided that I had to take a TV. So my choices boiled down to Sony (my eternal favorite), Samsung and LG. So many times did I visit the numerous white good galleries in search of some pastime, but I had to analyze and select the one I wanted. Sony appeared too far fetched for my budget, and LG was below standard. And so Samsung at Rs 7500 was my choice.

I had visited Vijay Sales at Andheri and Croma in Bandra, and found that Vijay Sales Santacruz would be the best for me. And so by sunday evening, it was at my place, and I was thrilled at the picture and sound quality. The 10 year old Sony TV at my home felt ‘not good enough’.

The TV is the latest excitement of my life..while I try to make myself more comfortable in Mumbai.