Losing my literary skills was bad enough, but losing the ability to meet and talk was simply terrible. This feeling of lost competencies does no good to you, so the only way out is to find a solution. And fast.

And I did! There was no hurry, since I didn’t have to sit for an interview, but I had to do something in the evening. At a time when there isn’t a lot of work, just the daily chores filling my so called rest of the day. I wish I had company with whom I could to out to Juhu or Marine Lines (I am sure it brings smiles to those who have been constantly bombed with verses of Upar Utho from me). I don’t know if this wish will be lost once I have loads of work.

This weekend I did not go to anybody’s house. I had fixed with Punna to pick me up from SV Road, in case he planned a visit to Siddhivinayak. It wasn’t raining the Saturday, and I got a call at 6 am to better get ready. We went to Siddhivinayak temple, and even drove his car back from Prabhadevi to Juhu. Had a good time with a family (have Gargs become a family friend, or a friend with a family? I don’t know, or bother to).

As always, the visit made me feel peaceful. I also managed a visit to ISKCON temple at Juhu; even that was a wonderful feeling. I felt good to be in such a lovely place that’s so close to mine. Why don’t I jog to Juhu every morning? Too lazy?? Pathetic!!!

My Sunday was a typical modern youngster’s one. I planned a movie with Chiku, and she wanted it in the evening. We watched the Priyadarshan comedy ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’; it was good, quite typical of my liking..

It just crossed my cognizance that it was my fifth weekend in this city. Somehow I feel that days (or rather, weeks) pass too fast in this city. Does it have to do something with its geographic position nearer to the equator? Doesn’t look likely.

I bought the book ‘the 3 mistakes of my life’. This was because I was looking for something that could catch my attention, and make me read something in English. The good thing is that I completed it in straight 2 days. Like the five point someone, I was reading it during my daily tasks (even while traveling in a overcrowded 84 Ltd bus). If you want a review, it isn’t anything even close to a literary composition, but I would label it as a light hearted banter. And Chetan Bhagat has developed a template in his novels. The male protagonist would have a crush and even sleep with a girl. She would have a connection that can be called sensitive, if not dangerous. He would (and even she might) have a couple of friends already troubled in their own worlds, entwined in situations that one would hardly call ‘normal’. At the end of it, things would be happy. But again, the value of the book (at least this time) is judged by the price on its cover. At a tag of Rs 95, this light entertainment brings more value that even a paperback can. And who wants to read a novel multiple times to be a literary critic?

Well, my Monday was screwed up with 3 meetings, I had a terrible headache and so decided to get back to some peace at my so called Santacruz home. Now its past 9 pm, and I have to cook something worthwhile.