The rainy weekend, the rainy following week, a heavy work schedule, indulgence in some domestic chores like cooking and taking time to watch movies are the highlights of the recent times.

I have been in Mumbai for over three weeks now, and last weekend I found myself shuttling between office, home and Kandivli amidst the rains that had soaked the city. On Saturday, I had to rush to office to complete some work which I had conveniently missed out on Friday, and then decided to make a beeline to Puneet’s place to spend some good time over there. His wife so sweet just like him, and makes sure I am at ease every time I visit them. A typical homely atmosphere makes me feel good about his place. And he seems to be more than delighted to have me there, and agrees to all my whims without saying a word. Somehow being in Mumbai has given me friends I was missing back home.

Shonu left for US this weekend, which means I wont have a tandoori chicken partner for sometime now.

Since Monday, the blueprinting phase is teaching me things I never knew or thought I would have to do. My endeavor to know the process took me to the Century Mills, and I realized the importance of seeing the things to take the cues. For words are not sufficient to explain everything.

I have finally managed to start cooking once again, though the quantities this time are much lesser than I ever cooked. Even a quarter of a cabbage needs two days of consumption. I realized the importance of economics of scale, and I intend to scale my cooking to cover 5 days of the week. Increased inventory would require vessels which are missing in this makeshift residence.

Life is posing new challenges; and I am accepting them with ease. The lunch dabba isn’t too good, and I might soon find myself making Tiffin for office!