The euphoria in the present juncture is as unexplainable as the convolutions of my brain. I suddenly feel very relaxed, and feel that things are coming my way. Though there are things yet to happen to me, it gives be the belief that there are better things in life as well.

I was scared to lose what I had, now I have too many things new and exciting, and can rest till the optimism lasts. But why am I happy? That’s because of the events that have been happening in the past 3 weeks in Mumbai.

Back home, I lacked the challenges both in the professional and domestic front. Life was getting smoother, but it was this comfort that gave me nightmares. I am not made to lead an easy life. Especially when there were so many things I tend to miss by staying back. I could see myself being one of the Kolkatans who (at least) know to remain happy and content with their happy go lucky lifestyle.
I have believed that luck has evaded me time and again. I believe in the almighty, and could sense that He wants me out of the mess for something bigger. And I was in Mumbai. He arranged for an assignment, friends, and even a place to stay. I don’t like to complain, but the location is just too wonderful.

The bus takes me directly to the office in about 25 mins in the morning and brings me back in double the time. Its lesser than what I experienced in Kolkata. And while I shifted to santacruz, the weather only got weather with the rain gods showering their bliss on the city. I thank God that I didn’t have to face any water logging on my way.

In Mumbai, I have friends with whom I can spend my time … and this is a major advantage of being in a city like this, where one longs for someone known.

I received my first pay cheque of a meager amount, I will have to deposit it in the bank today..

I have hardly anything to do this weekend…might as well experiment with something interesting.