In my case, it was two. Ever since I have moved out of my Kolkata home on 18th May, I have been living in transit, and hence the MB5T still applies to me. I move between plants, and it did not occur to me yet that life has taken some changes for good..I still don’t know if things will work out for me; but in spite of problems, I am happy.

If the above situation gives you the impression of quirky, I cant blame you. For I have taken this opportunity to explore the world, and to see what business is all about. It’s a far call from the depths of corner called the cubicle. I don’t know about the career growth, but at least the learning will be good.

I moved to a new place last evening. It is on West Avenue, between SV Road and Linking Road at Khar / Santacruz West. The location is hot, thought my dwelling may not be. I hope I enjoy the place as well.