Last evening I had to (alas!) leave the Bandra guest house and move to Guru’s place at Vile Parle. I wanted to stay till the end of the week, but someone didn’t. so the only way out was to find a shelter. Guru stays in a lovely society, and what I admire is his down to earth attitude. He stays with his Dadi who was equally amicable.

This morning, he decided to take his bike to office. And while I was having fun on the roads of Mumbai, he must be having a tough time wading through the heavy traffic amidst the sun. But it was amazing to find that I was at my Worli office in some 30 mins flat. And this including the 5 mins spent for refueling. I am thrilled by the prospect of riding a bike to office, and am even considering buying one. It may not be such a practical idea, but the thought itself is quite exciting.

I am in office today earlier than usual. And I need to wait for the IDES server to be set up. So the only way out is to wait .. and wait.