Mumbai has a harsh reality: that the realty space leaves you high and dry. It does not matter how much money one has, for there is always something to match your financial status. With the real estate prices zooming into new highs, I am facing the problem of getting a proper place to stay.

My friend told me that there has been some hike in the property tax on house owners who have decided to make money by renting their residential places. Quite a scheme to make money, but it only results in higher rents. I am simply looking for a one room kitchen flat which is accessible from my office(s), affordable and that can keep me comfortably. The harsh reality is that there may not be many locations available for me at this juncture. I have zeroed down on Andheri, so that I can take the 84 bus, or the train if I miss it.

There are just too many people in the city…God help me find a place! This weekend should be the D day!