I had heard that one’s environment changes the thought process. And I tend to realize it in the past few days in Mumbai. Though the first day felt like a cultural shock to me, the second onwards took me to a state where I thought I have been here before. And it was none other than during my stint at Rallis.

The client is a small company, and has its own problems and disorganized behavior. But the fact that I am looking at the project from the inception, and that I am responsible for the future contracts of pwc, gives me a kick. The people don’t know SAP, and I have to teach them, while making sure I set up things are good for them. I spoke to my colleagues about it, but found that their viewpoint is limited to the system and technology. When I talk about a DC in the business parlance, they ask me not to get confused between IS retail, since in ECC the term plant is used. I don’t care about what system is used, as long as the client achieves benefits.(aren’t we supposed to get more client centric?)

There are no lectures, no mumbo jumbo, and just plain work. The perks may not be good, but the responsibility definitely is…Life is all about gaining experience, and I am doing the same, even by paying a price (Mumbai is the most expensive city in the country!!)