I wanted a change, and I got it. I wanted a challenge, and I got that too: loads of them. Coming from an IT company into a consulting one astonished me till no end. There are projects happening from within the office premises and outside, but it does require a good application of one’s brains. And they keep the best in the rolls.That’s PWC to me. The Mumbai office is just like the BCS building of Kolkata (the ex-PWC building), but the content of the people is simply mind blowing. It might have basked in my own sunshine trying to do things that I was asked to without knowing its consequences, but I think I know it better now.

As well known, Mumbai is an expensive place and so is its lifestyle. Just like I realized that people led a better life in Europe with a (comparatively) high PPP, I find that Mumbai has more millionaires (and billionaires) than any other city in India. This was a perspective I never had before.

My only woe at this stage is that I don’t have a house yet and would have to get one soon. It would entail a lot of new experience, but I am sure things will get great once I am settled.

About my project: I managed to get a project within 3 hours of joining PWC. And I was thrilled to find that I had a project manager who would fight for my well being. I had to make a PPT for the kick off presentation on Friday, and I think I have done it well.

Lets see what Mumbai has in store for me. At the very least, it has made me optimistic.