After giving my final answer yesterday, all I am left with is to wait for a response and hope things work out easy. For my life at office has not been too easy in the past few months, and I want to end it with a good note.

In order to avoid wasting my time, I decided to put my mind into a documentation procedure, something that would be useful for the newcomers in sustain. This document can be used as a SOP for sustain in general. Hope I am able to do something worthwhile.

Today is a blue day at office. While I am trying to get my blues away, I am trying my best not to be gloomed in the serenity that the color provides. The color blue is supposed to represent (and affect) calmness (as per Rochie on Meow FM); it is also my favorite color. But whats queer is the fact that last year (Dec 2006), we received blue T shirts on the occasion of Imprint. But somehow the cost reduction regime has obviated it. So use your own apparel; try to come in blue!

Let me get back to something worthwhile. Today is friday, and I intend to rush early, for a change! My party is postponed till next week, so Aloy wont be coming in today 😀