My life is going through a new set of experiences. I havent had the real experience of leaving a job and joining another, though for my friends, it has been as common as the rains in monsoon. Just like there is a sense of apprehension and excitement behind any big decision, I have mixed feelings, though guilt does not form a part of my thoughts (this time).

I know I have been weak in the recent past, and had not been able to take a proper decision on how to proceed in life. I knew I had to make it big, but the route was too hazy. I tried all means to come to an amicable solution (acceptable to me as well as those around me) but things are getting too out of hand.

I remember the Monster ad, “caught in the wrong job”. There are so many times when we are caught in the wrong job, only to look back and question when the time is long gone. No one can foresee what will happen, but a sagacity would have surely led me to a better path.

Whatever happens, it happens for the good. I have been yearning for a major change for long. I am keeping my fingers crossed…there is so much to do!