It is always good to be back to the Alma Mater. And as a guest faculty, it definitely feels special. I got such an opportunity this weekend to show some SAP screens to the zealous lot. The response was not too great (I had expected so), because most of the junta was busy planning for the farewell of the 2008 batch. I and Prachi were invited, and we were too eager to join them.

It was held at Vikramshila, and organized very well. It reminded me of the good ol’ days where the future was bright, we were roaring to go and everything was positive. I really miss those days. For a few moments, I forgot that I have been out of this two years ago. Both the batches were very friendly and respectful. We were even given a grand welcome and introduced to the whole lot.

It was also heartening to know the Prof Sinha would be going to US for a research program. It would probably be a big jump of his career. But it will be a huge loss to the next batch. Got to know from the guys that they would be visiting Omaha to meet Vinod Gupta (don’t know about Warren Buffet, though).

The party was wonderful, and after a long time I enjoyed and danced so much. After the party, we spent a few hours at the night canteen. They have their own parlance, notable in it is DGSOM (dream girls’ school of management) with its own dean, associate dean and visiting faculty (that’s me)

I found so much creativity and potential at the campus, something that is seriously missing in my day to day environment. Being with the mediocre isn’t the best way to enhance one’s abilities!

I feel like a student again!!